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Hope in the Huddle

Updated: May 21, 2020

As I navigate this “new normal” we are in, I have transitioned from overwhelming anxiety to overarching peace. As I reflect on this transformation, I KNOW the difference between being anxious and being at peace is all about perspective… a “hope state of mind”. I switched my focus from the things that I CAN’T control to the things that I CAN control. It was in this transition, that I started a gratitude journal… where I write down ten things I am grateful for each day. It’s a way I count my blessings in the simple things… those things that are easily overlooked and taken for granted. By feeding my gratefulness, I am starving my stress.

As I began this gratitude journey, I chose to focus on the blessings that are within my grasp… within my view. My perspective focused on the things within my circle of influence… my HUDDLE. As I huddled within my huddle, I took another look at this interesting word… the word that appropriately rhymes with cuddle.☺ Along with the visual of a team locking arms to strategize their next play, huddle literally means to nestle closely. Think about it… when you are in a huddle, you can only see those things within your circle (those things you can influence). Your huddled circle involves ONLY those things you take care of and protect, have influence over and impact. Your circle involves your soul. The focus of your soul is God… His love, His power, His wisdom, and yes… His perspective. God is as near as our next breath… the breath that warms and envelops your huddle.

My huddle of hope focuses on those things that are within my circle… my reach... my soul. These things have an eternal, NOT earthly focus. I can’t change what is going on in the world, but I can change what my perspective of the world looks like when I look to God with a laser like focus on eternity. When I know God is as near as my next breath, I know I am abiding in Him and He in me. I am self-contained in Him, not self-consumed with the world. The world could be on fire around me (wait, it already is), however, I KNOW God uses fire… life’s trials and challenges… to refine me like gold.

When we measure our insides by other’s outsides, we become depressed and envious. We lose our own worth. However, focusing on God and the eternal is the source of my joy. Joy in God can NEVER be taken away, while happiness in earthly objects can. When you have joy in God, you are NEVER the victim of your circumstances. You are a victor in God. When you have joy in God, you are at rest… at peace. We need to be kind to our soul by finding our joy and peace in the only One who provides the peace that passes all understanding. May the HOPE be with you… wherever your huddle is nested. ☺

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1 Comment

Jun 07, 2020

Well written and the message evoked clarity, peace, and calmness. Thank you and God Bless.

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