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YES! It’s FINALLY starting to feel like spring! Can I get a hallelujah AND an amen?!? I love the end of March for a variety of reasons, namely because this time marks the welcoming of SPRING. Bring on the pedicures and flip flops, fresh smells and warm weather, flower blossoms and bunches of greenness. God provides us with many signs and signals associated with spring, however, one of the first signs I look forward to is the sight of BLOOMing crocuses. That, to me, is one of my most favorite spring God-winks… because they seem to pop up and BLOOM in a… BLINK. Their BLOOMs say: Spring is here people!

As spring gets into full gear… and full BLOOM… I look forward to seeing which flowers are in BLOOM and anticipate the ones on the BLOOMing horizon. It amazes me how our God was so thoughtful while creating our earth that He phased in the flower BLOOMing periods; announcing a Holy Host of BLOOMing types at varying times. This divine planning extends the BLOOMing period; providing new visual gifts on an almost daily basis. Just imagine if all the flowers Bloomed at the same time. While the view would be amazing, it just might result in visual overload. I believe God is a planner… He likes patterns and sequences. He certainly gets an A+, in my book, when it comes to the divine phasing in of spring!

As I ponder the BLOOMing period, I can’t help but see parallels between the BLOOMing periods of flowers and our own BLOOMing moments. While God’s flowers BLOOM based on the sun’s light and warmth, God’s children BLOOM best when focused on God’s light and HOPE. God’s flowers BLOOM best with strong roots and healthy doses of water, while God’s children enJOY their best BLOOMing periods when rooted in the wisdom of His Word while being sprinkled with The Holy Spirit’s guidance. AND… God’s flowers are strongest when their unfurled leaves bask in the bright sunlight while God’s children experience the most strength when they open themselves up to His will, rest in His arms, surrender to His plan, and gaze up at His light.

While celebrating these symbolic similarities between God’s flowers and His children, our BLOOMing and growth are not tied to a season. We don’t have to experience physical sunshine and warm weather to grow. As a matter of fact, I have learned that we are most likely to BLOOM during cloudy days and stormy weather. How ironic… how divine! We weather life’s storms by clinging to His Word with all our might. God waters our roots with scripture; feeding our soul with eternal wisdom and unfailing love. He lights our way; guiding each step on the path He has created for us. God supports us through the work of the Holy Spirit and enables us to, not just BLOOM but, flourish by wrapping us in His HOPE.

It’s during our darkest days… covered in dirt and grime, hiding in sin and sorrow… that we need Him the most. God’s light exposes our weaknesses and failures; enabling us to shed our withering parts… making room for new BLOOMs to grow in their place. When we are rooted in Him, we are grounded in His wisdom and blanketed by His Grace. When we BLOOM in His Spirit, we find ourselves radiating in the truth that only His light can provide. When we give Him the glory in everything we do, we share our BLOOMing moments; coloring the world with His Grace.

I don’t know about you, but I find an overwhelming sense of joy knowing that my ability to BLOOM isn’t tied to a season. I feel a great sense of peace resting in the fact that I can BLOOM regardless of the weather or temperature. I experience an eternal HOPE knowing that I can BLOOM in the darkest times of my life. My HOPE is that you will BLOOM and grow in God’s GRACE, LIGHT and LOVE. God WILL meet you in your darkest and weakest moments; coloring you with His eternal HOPE.

But grow in grace, and in the knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. To Him be the glory both now and forever.

2 Peter 3:18 (KJV)

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