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A Year of HOPE

It’s hard to believe it’s been a year since my very first HOPE in the Huddle blog post. Over three hundred and sixty-five days of thinking, writing and sharing HOPE inspiration. Time FLIES when you are full of HOPE! As I reflect on this past year, a year shadowed by the pandemic of the century, I am overwhelmed, yet humbled by all the HOPE moments I have personally experienced and gratefully shared. It is amazing how a change in perspective can change your life… in extraordinary ways.

While in huddle mode, I went from using a global, worldly view to a view with an eternal perspective. My vision of life has experienced a total trans-HOPE-mation! Our God is a God who has an infinite supply of HOPE. He infuses HOPE into everything; permeating HOPE into every ounce of our being… from the hairs He has numbered on our head to the tippy tips of our toes. While our God is never short on awe-inspiring miracles, He also inspires us to see HOPE in ALL of His creation: from the rain and the rainbows to the sunsets and sun showers. Our God offers signs of HOPE every minute, second and moment of each day. When we are in huddle mode, we are in HOPE mode; finding HOPE in the little things that surround us and infusing our daily lives with infinite glimpses of HOPE.

HOPE is all around us… we just have to huddle in and let God’s HOPE inspire us. EnJOY a recap on a year of HOPE… in the Huddle; finding HOPE in ALL things big, small and ALL there is in-between:

  • Caterpillar cocoons (aka huddles) and Butterfly HOPES; experiencing a trans-HOPE-mation in the way we see our world by gazing on God and glancing at our problems

  • Hershey’s HOPE; finding HOPE in the eyes of a furry, family member taken way too soon

  • Our Light… World HOPE; shining our light and HOPE on a dark world

  • Rainbows, Romans and Roma; knowing that ALL things for work for good... even storms, challenges, and trials

  • Resting in God’s HOPE; celebrating HOPE moments while resting in His arms

  • God’s Clock… Our HOPE; discovering HOPE in God’s timing, not our own

  • Our G3 Journey; using our God-Given Gifts (talents) to bring HOPE to others

  • SuperHOPE; understanding we are strongest and full of the most HOPE when we rely on God’s power

  • HOPE in the Fall; learning HOPEFUL life lessons from falling leaves that are free of stress and worry

  • Fearless HOPE; finding comfort and HOPE in God’s wisdom, power, perspective and love

  • God Power; realizing we are strongest when we are weakest

  • Thankfully Grateful; being grateful for all God’s blessings… from the tiniest to the tremendous

  • The Present; understanding that the best present is being present with those you love

  • Flight 2021… Destination HOPE; trusting God’s flight plan as the only way to a HOPE-centered destination

  • Avoid Drifting… Get Anchored to HOPE; steering our life toward God and His eternal perspective full of infinite HOPE

  • Lost in HOPE, Found in Love: all of us are essential to God with God Given Gifts that are meant to be shared

  • Infinite HOPE; placing infinite HOPE in God whose love is limitless, endless, and impossible to measure

  • Lucky or Blessed with God’s Best: God’s best BLESSINGS are wrapped up in His infinite love & limitless HOPE

  • Blooming in HOPE; experiencing an eternal HOPE knowing you can BLOOM in the darkest times of your life

  • Emptiness Fills us with HOPE: God meets us in our emptiness and fills us with His love and HOPE

  • Community Connected in HOPE; creating connections that bring HOPE to others while receiving HOPE in return

When you focus on the eternal and not the things of this earth, your world is transformed. HOPE is the focus on the eternal… what is to come; knowing God owns tomorrow. HOPE in Him enables us to know He has got us in the palm of His hands… where we are at peace. HOPE knows God has already worked out our problems with His wisdom, majesty, holiness, love, grace, joy and power. HOPE never fails because God never fails. His plan is the only plan that provides peace, power and permanence. HOPE is rock-solid faith in knowing you will go through the fire and come out refined like gold. HOPE knows YOU are always HIS. NOTHING can shut HOPE down… HOPE is an anchor for our soul.

(If you missed any of the posts above, you can view them via the HOPE in the HUDDLE Facebook group or at: #hopeinthehuddle

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