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Rainbows, Romans and Roma…

*Rainbow by: Kasey Musgraves

When it rain it pours but you didn't even notice It ain't rainin' anymore, it's hard to breathe when all you know is

The struggle of staying above, the rising water line

Well the sky is finally open, the rain and wind stopped blowin' But you're stuck out in the same old storm again You hold tight to your umbrella, well, darlin' I'm just tryin' to tell ya That there's always been a rainbow hangin' over your head

If you could see what I see, you'd be blinded by the colors Yellow, red and orange and green, and at least a million others So tie up the bow, take off your coat and take a look around

'Cause the sky is finally open, the rain and wind stopped blowin' But you're stuck out in the same old storm again You hold tight to your umbrella, well, darlin' I'm just tryin' to tell ya That there's always been a rainbow hangin' over your head

Oh tie up your bow, take off your coat and take a look around Everything is alright now 'Cause the sky has finally opened, the rain and wind stopped blowin' But you're stuck out in the same old storm again Let go of your umbrella, 'cause darlin', I'm just tryin' to tell ya That there's always been a rainbow hangin' over your head Yeah there's always been a rainbow hangin' over your head It all be alright

Have you ever had a time in your life when many things just... connect? It happened to me recently while listening to these Rainbow lyrics, thinking of Romans and glancing at Roma's book, all while sitting in our study... one of my favorite places... where my soul gets close to God. At this very moment, my spirit was supernaturally in sync with God. God’s voice spoke… and I listened. Rainbows, Romans and Roma all aligned on a supernatural level... one that was definitively divine… a connection I never would have made in my own power.

Kasey's song always affects me on an extremely emotional level (ugly cries anyone?). The more I listen to those lyrics, the more I hear God's voice. There's always a rainbow hanging over your head... beautiful! No matter what circumstances we are going through, God embraces us in a rainbow of colors with the HOPE of brighter days ahead. Through the storms, God has a beautiful plan for you and I. If that’s not a HOPE in the Huddle message, I don’t know what is!

A rainbow was used in The Bible as a promise from God that He would never flood the Earth again. It's a symbol of good things to come... a symbol of HOPE. There's always a rainbow over our head, despite life's storms, challenges and trials. I find so much peace in Kasey’s message and the rainbow symbolism. Whether God actually OR symbolically sends us a rainbow, He always has a spiritual rainbow designed just for you… just for me.

Rainbow moments are all around us… we just have to open our eyes and take the time to SEE them. These moments may be discovered in the sky or in a loved one's smile. Rainbow moments may occur during a storm or while there are clear, blue skies. WE may be someone else's rainbow or THEY may be ours. Regardless of the source of the rainbow moment, each one brings HOPE through life's stresses and strains… life's trials and pains.

Romans 8:28 is a favorite verse of mine... just ask my son. All things work together for good to those who love God and are called according to His purpose. ALL things, not just some things. ALL things work TOGETHER. ALL things work TOGETHER for GOOD. ALL things work TOGETHER for GOOD to those who LOVE God. The first time I shared this verse with my son, he said: All things... even when I don't get a high score on a quiz? Yes, I replied... because you study harder the next time. I feel very blessed that my son understands Romans 8:28 as a teenager. My HOPE is this verse will become a favorite of his... one that will carry him through life's detours and challenges.

This life lesson from Romans has a rainbow connection… a HOPE message. Through the storms, God gives us rainbows. He supernaturally works ALL things in our lives TOGETHER for GOOD. It's up to us to trust Him in the storms; knowing His hand is in ALL of it... preparing rainbows for us to cherish. It's taken me most of my life to realize God wants us to surrender it ALL to Him (I’m a slooow learner!). We can try to get through life in our own human power OR... we can benefit from His supernatural, omnipotent, omnipresent, wisdom, power and... love. I think back on all those times I tried to go it alone when He was just waiting for me to release control to Him. How many rainbow moments did I miss before having this epiphany??? Too many to count... too mind boggling to think about.

From rainbows and Romans to... Roma... as in Roma Downey… Yes, the epiphany connection continues. Her book: Box of Butterflies caught my eye while I was experiencing this divine connection. Roma and I are Butterfly Sisters... she just doesn't know it yet! She and I share the same outlook on butterflies; holding tightly to their symbolism of HOPE. Her beautiful book is about discovering the unexpected blessings all around us. Roma reminds us that God is always there. He never leaves us... especially through the storms. (Footprints in the sand anyone???) She writes: He (God) is forging a beautiful butterfly out of whatever cocoon you may be enduring. Whatever cocoon you may be enduring... perfectly stated, my Butterfly Sister!

Roma's book is blanketed with inspirational quotes throughout... so many amazing quotes that it’s impossible for me to pick a favorite. I won't even try. However, there is one that stood out as I read this book for the umpteenth time. It's from Albert Einstein: Coincidence is God's way of remaining anonymous. Nicely done Albert! God has an amazing ability to slip rainbow moments into our lives... All. The. Time. God is so strategically slick that we humans, with our three pound brains, sometimes mistake God's hand in our rainbow moments for our own. We actually believe WE orchestrated them. That's when we start becoming full of ourselves and think we have powers that only God can harness. God isn't going to knock us over the head and brag... I DID THAT. We need to get a clue and realize we aren't all that... only God is. The sooner we figure out that it isn't about us, but HIM, the sooner we will see His hand in ALL things.

I started writing a gratitude journal the Saturday before Easter during this crazy year called 2020. This writing has grounded me to seeing God's hand in ALL things. I have become amazingly adept (thank you God) at finding HOPE in the little things. Whether it's a butterfly, flower, or... a rainbow, I see God's hand in them all. With the help of Romans and Roma (and let's not forget Kasey’s Rainbow), I see God in the hiccups and hardships, trials and tests, pressures and pains. God is always there, guiding us and orchestrating those rainbow moments. God is a loving Father who wants what's best for His children. We are so blessed to have such a caring Father looking over us... providing rainbow moments and HOPE connections. So the next time you see a rainbow, think of Romans and Roma; knowing God has got you in the palm of His loving hands. He is working every detail, even the tiniest and trivial, of our lives TOGETHER for GOOD. He fills each day of our lives with HOPE... and rainbows over our heads.

*Source: LyricFind

Songwriters: Shane L McAnally / Kacey Lee Musgraves / Natalie Hemby

Rainbow lyrics © Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd., Warner Chappell Music, Inc, Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Cypmp, Warner Chappell Music Inc

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