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Minty HOPE

A dear friend of mine recently lost her sister to cancer. Stories such as hers seem all too common and frequent these days. We spent time talking about her sister’s trials and triumphs while discussing ways she could brighten her sister’s days, filling her world with light. While it was a period of wet eyes when she passed, there was a feeling of solace that was shared. After many days, weeks, months, and years of worry… her beloved sister was finally at peace.

A loss of a loved one is always marked with a period of reflection… reflecting on everything from whether we spent enough time showing them our love to things that were done or said by our loved one in their final days. While reminiscing about her beautiful sister’s final days, my friend experienced a mo-mint… a mo-mint she will always remember fondly about her beloved sister. A mo-mint… you guessed it… filled with senti-mint-al HOPE.

This mo-mint began with a purchase of fresh flowers from a neighbor’s flower stand. Upon taking the flowers home, my friend noticed a plant within the floral bunch reminding her of mint. This minty-like plant spurred a recent memory of her precious sister picking mint from her garden. My friend wondered if this mo-mint connection was of a divine nature, what I refer to as a God wink.😉 I promised to research the symbolism of mint and share what I discovered with her. And… as God would have it, there is a bunch of symbolism packed into this four-letter word… one with a bunch of HOPE for my friend, her family, and for you.

As it turns out, mint is considered a lucky herb for the garden. It is known for attracting good energy, warding off evil vibes, and calming one’s senses. Mint has been used to protect people from illness, improving digestive health and reducing allergic symptoms. Mint is even effective in soothing symptoms related to the common cold. Bring on the mint tea when you feel a cold coming on or need to sooth your upset tummy.

Perhaps my friend’s sister was sending her this minty message to ward off negative vibes, bring her a sense of peace, and even calm her nerves while planning her celebration of life services. These are all nice senti-mints that could stand alone as a fond memory of her sister. However, mint’s symbolism doesn’t stop at calming colds or soothing stomachs. Mint also symbolizes feelings of warmth, loyalty, and precious mo-mints. I’m convinced her sister’s beautiful spirit sent a message packed with love, warmth, and virtue. Absolutely beautiful!

And… if you are a Feng Shui fan, I’m about to knock your socks off. Feng Shui believes that mint helps one be… Wait. For. It… HOPEful. With all the things that mint symbolizes and represents, the overall message her dear sister sent was a message of HOPE. Lucky, healthy, calming, soothing, warm, precious, peaceful… senti-mints of HOPE.

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