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Announcing the Arrival of Baby HOPE... Christian Home Hope Connection is Born!

Updated: Jan 3, 2022

Once upon a time… in a community online, Mr. Chris Tian Mingle met Miss An Gie List. Mr. Mingle was an expert at connecting Christians with compatible interests; sharing the same Christian values. Miss List was a pro at connecting consumers who were in need of a service for their home with qualified service providers. They loved connecting others using their unique gifts and talents. Chris and An enjoyed spending time with each other; sharing their connection stories while growing their communities, and soon found themselves head over megabits in love.

Time passed and their love grew into a love that was sealed with a kiss in front of family and friends and… above all… in front of God. Their love grew with each passing day and they decided it was time to grow their own family community. Chris and An connected their unique gifts; representing the online communities they both had grown individually, and combined them to create a brand new community. They called the new addition to their family Baby HOPE, formally known as: Christian Home Hope Connection. And the rest is HOPE-story!

Christian Home Hope Connection is an online community; with a vision to be the premier resource that strategically connects Christians throughout the world; providing hope by connecting business services with consumer needs while keeping an eternal focus on God. With each connection made between a consumer need and business service, the Bible-based church linked to each connection will reap the rewards in the form of an annual tithe on their CHHC anniversary date. The church, consumer and service connection is what I LOVE most about Baby HOPE! Why, you ask? Where else can a consumer connect with a service while benefiting their church? I could not be more excited about the arrival of Baby HOPE! I am the proud “momma” of an idea that is no longer an idea… Christian Home Hope Connection is finally here… ready to connect Christians throughout the world; meeting the service needs of consumers and business needs of service providers all while supporting the financial needs of Biblically-based churches.

So if you are a consumer searching for a Christian-based plumber or doctor, organizer or lawyer, contractor or accountant… search no further. If you are a service provider searching for employees who share your Christian values or more business leads… your search is over. If you are a Bible-based church searching for a new revenue source while providing Christian-based service providers for your congregants, look no further. Just look for the home inside the butterfly; representing a community connecting the Christian world like no other. You are home… a home that provides HOPE. Welcome Baby HOPE to your home by sharing Christian Home Hope Connection with your friends, family and church today. The more connections you bring to Baby HOPE, the deeper, stronger and larger the CHHC community will be!

Grow our unique community today by creating a FREE consumer or church profile in less than five minutes. If you are a service provider, use the promo code FREEBIZLISTING to get a FREE yearly subscription of HOPE. Just hover your cell phone over CHHC’s QR code here or click on this link and welcome Baby HOPE into your world.

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